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About World Link YOU

World Link YOU has been founded by Yuko TSUJI, a passionate advocate for dyslexic / neurodiverse students and a mother of a dyslexic son who studied in UK for 8 years and successfully moved on to a Japanese university afterwards.  Using the skills gained from the original background in translation / international business, combined with connections and knowledge gained from her personal support for her son's studies, WLY has helped many Japanese students and families find the right schools that can help them flourish.

WLY works in collaboration with Dyslexia School Search for private boarding school search within UK, but also works directly with UK government schools and schools in countries other than UK, both private and government - run. 

Other roles and qualifications of Yuko:

- Board Member of Board of Education of Kure City, Hiroshima

- Part-time Researcher at Hiroshima University Graduate School (AT use in SEN context)

- Certified Agent for British Council

- Accredited Study Overseas Counsellor for Japan Association of Overseas Studies

- Board Member of Japan Dyslexia Society (NPO EDGE)

- Member of Japan Academy of Learning Disabilities

- Member of Association of Universal Design for English Language Learning, Japan

- Member of British Dyslexia Association


- English (IELTS 8.0, TOEIC 990)

- Japanese (native)

- Korean (intermediate)


Interested in working with WLY?

Are you dyslexia-friendly and open to having Japanese dyslexic students? Get in touch!

Thank you!
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